Adventures in aspic 2: The Shrimpening

From the same batch I put together in my last post, I had one ramekin with shrimp mixed in to it.  Here are pics of that.

Jello with Shrimp 1 Jello with Shrimp 2 Jello with Shrimp 3


Not much difference between the shrimped and unshrimped versions.  The final product still came out of the mold with a bit of liquid, and wasn’t nearly as firm as I’d like.   The shrimp I added was precooked… I just diced it up a bit.  Seemed to work well.  Definitely having the shrimp in there makes the tomato jello really tasty!  This one got mostly eaten.

Continuing my experimentation, I just made up another batch of tomato juice + gelatine.  This time, instead of 2 cups of liquid to 1 pack of gelatine as recommended by the instructions, I’ve done 1 cup of liquid with 1 pack of gelatine… essentially doubling the amount from my last post.   I “proofed” the gelatine in 1/4 cup of boiling water.  Hoping to eliminate the gelatine chunks from the last batch, I whisked a bit with a fork.  This backfired though and produced a lot of bubbles in the liquid which didn’t seem to go away!  Oh well.  What I’m looking for on this batch is the consistency.


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